House of Worship

by Gary Sackett

CMe, Child go, child I beg, please.

Others are going, to be a part once more,

To be one of three

yes, the family of trilogy.

Sanctuary to some, respite to others.

Fire, brimstone burns to the core

That fire burns, less, inside me?

Believe this, believe that, child, I’m right

Your belonging is your longing,

Not of others needs.

For your savior is inside, deeper you’ll see,

The gift I gave you, together our temple. 

You’ll know, the whisper, the pull, 

Of gravity, no, my cosmic force.

The beating drums tries to pull apart

those children who forgot.

  Together, separate, the house of worship is and was.

You matter, I am matter,

Its that SPARK, within, your sacred space,

Your heart.