The Day After

by Gary Sackett

It’s March 25th, and I’m watching flurries streak with the cold wind, flapping the awnings with a continuous banter. I’m inside an eclectic coffee-house in downtown Champaign, Il., warm inside and protected from the outside gusts. And it puts a smile on my face and calmness in my heart.

The metaphor speaks for itself.

When you take action towards a deep yearning, it’s a totally amazing outcome.

Overcoming the initial fear, touching the big toe in the water, wondering what it will be like– when it happens. You jump or in my case you get a ‘friendly’ (but loving) nudge. Your in the air for an eternity, as the time warp wraps its arms around you. Kersplash! Your angry at first and then acknowledge to yourself, that, it is indeed, “oh my geerd–it’s freakin awesome!”  The exhilaration awakens your soul, bringing clear thought and visions. Your connected and you feel it.

My first Blog post brought some interesting insights for myself, the little guy on my shoulder was yipping a bit, he moved on, realizing my commitment.

My awareness that doing so many things at once leads to my confusion, aiding in a paralysis, that can defeat you, only if you let it. The ‘shotgun effect’ of life is only produces pin prick at a distance– and on the other side, umm…too real.

One step at a time, focus and put yourself around people who don’t use the word, “love”, as a noun.

It’s warm and safe when you turn inside, totally protected, with no cares.