A Test of the E.B.S.

by Gary Sackett


Broadcast System– We all hear it, see it and yet only pay attention when it hits close to us or those around us– And then?

The tone on the radio, the interuption of our favorite show, better yet our “game”, throws us into a tizzy fit. Ah, man, I was just getting into that song, that’s my favorite chorus,..man on third, fly ball?…and now in March, the infamous ‘madness’. There’s five seconds on the clock, cinderella team can do it, he shoots?

The storms come and go every year, in every country in the world. They never last, it’s destruction is brief and life continues on.  Many of us discuss how close it was or how bad it was and the term “we were lucky”, “those poor people” or “Thank God!”

I see this parallel with listening to ourselves. We respond “when” it’s an emergency or when it’s “close” to us. “Please God, if you do this or that, “I’LL”….(interesting enough the spelling of ILL).

Your God, Creator, Source, or whatever you may call it, has and will always continue to send the signals, albeit, subtle or loud– whispers of ‘intuition’, gut ‘feeling’, heart ‘passion’ OR in major warning sounds like the E.B.S. warns us, whatever storm you like, human plight at it’s finest. Mental begets physical.

Follow your “Breadcrumbs”!