Ancient Poets Knew Best

by Gary Sackett

dsc0224Photo courtesy of Spinnos Manolis

The cyclic nature of man can be broken, since we already are.

grown tired enough?

New thoughts, new paradigms.

Ancients now, knew then,

The ways of spirit and of men.

To repeat is insanity, definition that is.

From drawings and paintings on the deepest caves

to the ruins of Pompeii,

fear and fright that we all know is, the deepest recess of the mind unknown.

Mystics knew, teachers taught, and we spout the words.

Not the feelings, what are they?

Bats and spiders, mites and worms, muck so deep, some don’t return.

Screaming, running from the thought,

of the slight– possibility.

They knew the path as do we.

Turning the corner.

In the darkness.

To be free.

Ancient poets,

knew best.


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