Bella Luna

by Gary Sackett

Absolutely stunning and brilliant!!

Juicy Bodacious Life


…and now for something completely different.

I wrote this little fairy tale for a class I’m taking and thought I would share.

I’ve also recorded an MP3 to listen along while reading.

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Once within a time … there was a little moon named Bella Luna …
She was so happy shining away.
She realized that everywhere her light shone, she would see, hear and feel astonishing things.
She would see people, animals & places in all of their beauty.
She would hear them singing, crying, praying, loving, laughing, living.
When she shared this amazing experience with the planets, they would say
“ You’re just a little moon imagining things…isn’t that cute?”
As Bella grew, she saw, felt and experienced more and more.
She could swear that she saw and heard people and places recognizing her and starting to talk to her.
This was extraordinary.
Once again, she told the others,

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