by Gary Sackett

Photo by Cathy Sackett

Photo by Cathy Sackett

Take time to realize
Oh, oh, I’m on your side
Didn’t I, didn’t I tell you?

Take time to realize
This all could pass you by
Didn’t I tell you?

But I can’t spell it out for you
No, it’s never gonna be that simple
No, I can’t spell it out for you

“Realize”  by Colbie Caillat

The connections we have with songs, the draw we have, the energy that brings us to turn it up… those words that speak to you …they speak, sometimes not of what the intention of the songwriter want you to hear, but YOU pick up what is needed. The intention of the artist, is that of purity…if so, it’s magic, it touches the essence of us. Listen and be open, you never know what will come by…even on the radio.