Original Thought

by Gary Sackett

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It’s mine — no it’s mine from time to time, the thoughts in my head

I believe, I trust, these notions or potions, these things that bounce

dizzying heights my soul takes me as I traverse this world

beautiful pictures and words flood my heart

I have to get them out or — I’ll explode

not bad, what a thought, to think that an explosion would be so beautiful

if my heart explodes then would I not join all — the beginning — the start

is this the feeling of the artist that leave too early

we, being the artist all who breathe, touching the cosmos, feeling the bliss, you must get back

travel all, to that place where you started knowing

be there at all times in your mind

your soul, the way of the beginning, is yours to have and that is the way

following your hearts desires, the feeling of knowing

whatever your faith, just do it, be the one who takes the bold step

be the one who leads the way home, way out, it’s the way in

the feeling  of awe, the feeling of love, the emotion is throughout me

the ease of writing, to expand, this is the way for all, it’s the way of the truth

the way of I AM

my heart is full, I’m touching my daily bliss and I want you to touch it too

follow your instincts, the calling deep inside

remember those whispers of your childhood, shed the noise, shed the outside

begin to be quiet

hear the inner voice — It’s never left

be in nature, take time to breathe, read, do for others

this is the way

I feel at home this day as I do something that is different for me

writing this from my heart

giving THANKS

LOVE is the message 

thank you and I love you

live those words