Sand, Shit, Dust and Dirt

by Gary Sackett

Speck of…

Feelings mount around
uneasy, uncomfortable
it dosen’t fit, why do we feel this way?

Burning images 24/7
bombarded through the waves
constant barrages, volleys
of fire
carnage, disruption and dismay

Speck of…

my eyes are closed, blinded
more ways than one
yet I hear the voices
of sadness and loss

I tune it out
shutting down
burying my head in the sand
and I am a…

Speck of…

My eyes and ears are closed
yet I feel all around

where am I, who am I, what am I

Speck of…

Sand, Shit, Dust and Dirt


Floating in space

I see
colors of peace
vivid color wheel

I hear
heartbeats of life
beautiful orchestras

I feel
waves of love
warm blanket
on a icy night

Speck of…

Do I
Will I
Am I

realizing my space
I made, not by rocket
boosters or cockpits

my space
your space
our space

Speck of matter
dots placed together
I am
you are
we do

If it dosen’t
close your eyes
turn off the chatter
quietly ask

the Speck