Playing Music

by Gary Sackett

The open air music pavilion
covered in moss, southern style
conductor pit, green-colored water basin
baptismal reverence
he steps behind the podium
last hurrah in front of the audience
in full band leader garb he strides
from left to right, then up
yet, another set of steps, then back down
soaking it all in, trying to understand

walking fully underwater
emerging in an algae covered tuxedo
slime and ugliness, to some
life and beauty, to others
sunglasses, to some
tinted glasses, for others
not needed
spectacles for their hearts

smiles, applause
fear subsided
the deep knowing that arrives
which never left
buried under mountains 
humanistic rubble
a feeling beyond truth

a spectrum beam appears, bright
yet soothing
colors everywhere
making rainbows cry
the drips of tears, rain
turn into tiny butterflies

the ovation crescendos
thunderous silence returns
in quiet eloquence
his transition completed
evolution of the soul

from him—
no tears
no fears

In that drop…
a particle moves