Brick Wall

by Gary Sackett

Bricks and mortar
blocks and cement
solidified in front of me
depending on the day

high and wide
stretching for miles
impenetrable, so I think
snapping the strap
my helmet
chipped and cracked
worn and faded
tossed aside

cut and bruised
crimson rivulets
pulsing earthbound
trailing wrinkles
dripping into puddles
at my feet
incessant concussions
til I stop
I being me
no others

endless barrier
time after time
bandaids and stitches
shaking my head
tumbling stumbling
on my back
exhaling mist of breath
relief or exhaustion
through the haze
it remains

bricks and mortar
blocks and cement

staring upward
celestial bodies
inhaling the coolness
tentacles of earth
slowly, daringly
I allow to enter
each breath
in, out, in, out
uneasy tranquility
waves of warmth
enfolds me
with each breath
life’s cataracts
melt away

arising, I stand
in, out, in, out
peeling my bandages
pulling my stitches
soothing damp gauze
caressing blood away
coagulated breath

bricks and mortar
blocks and cement

calmly, patiently
I stand before you
vision restored
all directions I see
pick axe to my left
shovel to my right
ladder in front of me
giggling, I touch you
stepping back, smiling
the end of you is near

gathering my tools
I walk through
in, out, in, out
til we meet again
brick wall