Do I tell you…

by Gary Sackett


Photo by Cathy Sackett

Photo by Cathy Sackett

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Do I tell you…

how I feel
when I look into your eyes
when I see your smile
when I see you dance
that playful way

ain’t no woman
like I got
stolen words from a song
my heart dosen’t steer me wrong
so I borrow words
feelings the same

I scan your body
with my mind
during a hot tango
I can’t stop my hands
from traveling

thoughts of your beauty
is what fuels
my soul
on levels
others behold

the freckles
the birthmarks
are targets
of my affection
your wrinkles turn me on

your strength
when I need you
beyond a million men
and when I don’t
still there
to see me
my smile
my imperfections
my wrinkles
beyond my soul

intertwined fingers
pulling me closer
your breath
bringing me to
the place we first met
pulsing wooden floors
80’s dance music 
and sweat

what memories
shall we share—
I have an idea
let’s make them as we go
hand in hand
skipping on beaches
on foreign lands

maybe in our minds
maybe for real
does it matter
this I how I feel

when I look…
deep into your


Written for the photographer, the mother of our awesome son, a woman with so many natural gifts. You cannot help to love her, feeling her enormous heart. This was written pre-commercialized love day and she doesn’t know I’m publishing it…she does now!