Grateful for Brett

by Gary Sackett

I started this some days ago, not knowing that I would dedicate this to my brother who died today. Born with Cerebral Palsy, confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak. We were told he wouldn’t live past his early teens, he was 46.

I am grateful for—

waking up this morning
for every little, yet big thing around me
carpet fibers to the moon
dog hair to the sun
pine needles to the fire
birds chirping at the rivers edge
pollen in the wind

the air into my lungs
and out
creating sounds, forming words
to communicate
not just with eyes
groans or tears

to laugh, giggle
he did
does more now

the ability to move
my hands, my feet
to walk, to run
he is now

to feel pain
sometimes constant
free from it
now he is

an observer by birth
an observer in death
freedom was his mind
living slave to his body

to really know
to understand
what I am
grateful for…
knowing you
for everything I touch and that touches me
thank you
Brett Alan Sackett