Another one bites the dust, another one closer to…

by Gary Sackett

Photo by Cathy Sackett

Photo by Cathy Sackett

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52, a number I made it to. How did I make it so far? I survived car crashes, bullets whizzing by, surgeries and… being a father.

I’ve been a lot of places, seen, sometimes too much, places and people that most have not.

The questions, quotations and exclamation points that is our lives, we live them day to day, month to month and year to year.

I got here by taking a step every day, thankful for what I have, what I’ve done and what I’m going to do.

A inventory of my life: A beautiful wife, who loves me unconditionally, an awesome son who makes me proud, a loving family spread all over, a spacious apartment in Georgia, a house in Illinois, a constant job that gives me a great income, the ability to create beautiful spaces, a black lab, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I have a couple awesome friends, many acquaintances and one person who I know would give me anything I asked for.

I have been able to live in many different states, performed many different jobs and met many different people. From Sweat Lodges to Cathedrals, from homeless to dignitaries. It could be complete.

I could be content, satisfied and for the most part I am, but then why am I on my way to 53. Why do I breathe another breath?

Because…my list is not done! The list that’s on the tip of your tongue, the list you dream of but yet can’t remember.

Apparently I have a mission. It could be to build an corporate empire, travel the world, feed the masses. It could be becoming an actor, winning on Jeopardy, or inventing the next great thing.

I’ve got an idea, it’s worked so far, I’ll be me for all of eternity. I’ll continue what was started until my last heartbeat. I’ll be thankful for all I have, be kind to all. I’ll be open to the possibilities that this vast universe has blessed me with. I’ll take risks stepping through doors that appear in front of me. I’ll love…yes I’ll put love all around me until I’m 53.

Then I’ll do it again…Happy Birthday Gary, Happy Birthday to me!

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