Hello all,

I’m a 52 yr. old man’s man, and former member of the ‘chameleon mask wearers society’ (Changing to the scenery, pleasing everyone, masking my true self, providing for the family… pretty much just following the generational male programming).

I have lived in seven different states and have had just as many or more careers, from irrigation design artist (ditch digger) to city mediation artist (police officer), utensil sanitation artist (dishwasher) to the world of self-employed artistry, water that is.

By identifying my “authentic” self, tuning into my Spirit, Mind & Body, life has become easier everyday that I choose to do so. I have shed a lot of weight, deep-seeded pain, hurt, shame and guilt and then turned around and put some back on, oh silly me!

I am now stepping into my new comfort zone by writing and showing my “other side”, adding Yin to the Yang. (the zone evolves from time to time)

My name is Gary Sackett, ACCEPTING that I am Love, I am Human, a Man, and yes I Cry. ALLOWING Emotion, enJOYing Life and loving the Arts. RECEIVING that I AM fantastic Creator of Sacred Spaces, I’m a Writer, Poet and Spoken Word Artist. I am a Coach, I am a Mentor. I am a ‘UPLIFTER‘ who Feels and Shares, showing Kindness and Compassion, I believe in myself with Guidance all Around. And how do I do it?

I listen to my Heart, what speaks to me. I Embrace the above verse written, I ask, I open myself to the possibilitiesbeyond”, I listen to the whispers. I put myself in the company of other “uplifters“. I allow myself to be touched by a force Unseen, some of the guidance comes in the form of Authentic writings by my team of influential men who stepped forth ahead of me. Dr.Wayne Dyer, Panache Desai, Ram Dass, Miguel Ruiz, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsh and here’s a secret, shhhh!, keep this really quiet…from a woman. I’ve read Danielle LaPorte’s ‘The Desire Map’ and found my ‘core desired feelings’. And hell yes, I’ve watched Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. These Awesome individuals have stepped out of their comfort zones and paved the way for us.

By doing the bird-hoppin bread crumb dance to who I really am, I’ll share with you my life with my wing woman wife, Cat. We’ll share ourselves as we find our Sacred Spaces. By sharing my experiences I’ll continue my awesome journey called life. A JUICY, BODACIOUS LIFE!

I thank you for reading and supporting those of us who dare to expose their ‘underbellies’, removing ourselves off fences, and soaring off cliffs with smiles on our faces.

Say hello…take a leap with me!

~ Gary