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Ghost Love

Photo courtesy of Cathy Sackett

                                          Photo courtesy of Cathy Sackett

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Love is inevitable
even to the most callous soul
grasping you when you don’t want it
peeking around corners when you do
enveloped vapors of your favorite perfume
stir the mixed emotions within
glances stolen and softly returned, unwittingly

when you love or you are loved
does it fade into the ethers?
does it fold inside itself, a billion times
does it turn into a cosmic event
creating new stars
does it radiate waves of energy
like the sun
as the planet turns to the dark side
does the sun turn off
does the radiation stop
just because it went around the corner

when felt, when you open and allow
it’s like a new dawn
mist in the valleys of despair, disappear
energy abounds, smiles appear
warmth gathers

when you think it leaves
and you get quiet
you can hear, smell and feel
that moment
of Ghost Love

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Burying Brett

On Tuesday I will bury my brother next to my Mom and Dad. So, I’m reflecting, grabbing bits and pieces of memories. You hear from others, from movies plots, that at times you can’t remember faces and places of the the person that was once here in the flesh. Stories are shared and memories come back— some don’t.

Your senses take over, from sights to sounds, places and songs, smells and terminology. Little things that pop in your head to think of that person.

I am of the belief that when those thoughts come into your head, the little pauses that happen to bring back a memory of this person, it’s a contact from them. A little tug, push, nudge, tickle, smile from them letting you know that they are alright… and you will be too. If you want to call them your angels, your guides or whatever, call them that. It is your relationship envelop yourself with the knowing they have moved to a place to where, at some time you will go.

In and out of solemn times is what you experience, grief stages. From happy to sad in an instant, smiles to tears in seconds. Some chose to hold it in, others put this time on their sleeves. There is NO right or wrong with this. It just IS.

When people talk to you remember this is bringing up “their” personal stuff. It’s their memories of people they lost or their experience of not losing anyone to this date. Humans, interesting creatures, able to twist anything to their ego benefit. And at this time it strikes a lot of fear into them, of their own demise. If you fear death, then every ounce of your being will fight against the natural flow.

I have been fortunate to have been with many who have passed on, many at so-called unfortunate endings. At that moment of the last human breath. At a certain time, I may have not said it was fortunate, now I know that it was my absolute privilege to be with one who is transitioning to another place. I was not with my brother physically when he passed, but I knew something was going on and he was making the decision to move out of his physical form.

It is time for you to feel, use this time to connect with those who die because there is only one thing on the other side. True untainted love.

All the other stuff your ego is putting out there in front of you is utter garbage, human bullshit that you have cluttered your life with. Take this time, this connection, this moment that happens all over this planet to feel the spark, the instant that one transitions on. Their realization that all there is…is pure love.

With all the strife going on in the world, that has happened over and over again, maybe, just maybe, we can feel this emotion on a daily basis, if we choose.

Burying my brother
flesh and bones
existing no more
laying him next to
Dad and Mother
flashes of memories
polaroid pictures
of good times and bad
take me to places
we once danced
laughter and tears
situations conquered
pain and grief
made in my mind
no more

Going to Church

So I’m raised to believe one way
raised up southern baptist style
and still recovering, my pun
my heart tells me different
so I search
dogmas to left
dogmas to the right

to question, to ask
deep meanings
feelings, thoughts
to those in the hierarchy
getting pat answers
script and opinions
viewpoints scattered
in the wind
depending on—
their personal whims

depending on where you live
the first question chirped
“where do you worship?”
I answer with…
“do you want a noun or verb!”
If I say my house, my car
walking in the woods
why do you frown
show me disdain
do you ask me if I pray
meditate or go
to that special place
do you invite me to
go to church
within four walls
stained glass windows
and the such
ceremony, incantations
readings and song
do you ask if I watch the words
they come off my tongue
do you ask me how I’m doing
truly listening to my answer

I let you speak
watching the words
tumble over your lips
are your eyes meeting mine
when you spout
rehearsed verbiage

do I feel you?
do I see you?

I will when…

your exuberance on your Sunday
moves you so
when I see it on Monday, Tuesday
on it goes
when you dance to hallelujah
moving to the beat
when your ghost that’s holy
dosen’t frighten you so

seeing is believing
so I’m told, as with
perception is reality
to others, good as gold

tenets, commandments
written all over the world
and yet we
rarely come together
from across the globe
blaming, shaming
kicking and screaming
crucifying a difference
on the same path we go
believing, faith
different than yours
hard or difficult
your soul knows

you want to follow
when you should lead
being a beacon
written so
conversations with God
wanting peace and love

your path is yours
walk proudly
examples to all
human doing to
human being
live your life

toils of humanity fade
when you turn inside
seeing the dancing children
hand in hand
colors and shapes
mean not

remembering who you are
admittance to the gates
free on earth
centered up
living your personal relationship
outside your walls


Bella Luna

A story within a story.

Listen and read the words and you may find yourself living this.

It’s your choice to live the final sentence.

Bella Luna.

Written and performed by my wife, Cathy Sackett. Bravo!

Peace About Me

Cape Cod Sunrise by Gary Sackett

Cape Cod Sunrise by Gary Sackett

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There’s a peace about me
my lows are high
my highs are low
I can’t even say that
it’s more like even keel
walking on clouds
my mind present
smiles for no reason
just feels good
no urgency
yet focused
no demands
yet surrendering
to the moment

saying it’s ok
words over my lips
my inference
my feelings
I feel ok is much better
although my ok to
walk on clouds
is permission for me—
to see
to smell
to touch
to hear
to connect–
with all

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